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With great excitement, we welcome the concept of cars that drive themselves. While at the same time we are shuffling paper around, replying to endless email threads and copy-pasting data between things of importance.

Let me help you break the cycle and regain some of your time (or make everybody think you are a machine).

Biggest time wasters*

Activities we spent a large amount of time on while the return is mostly more work and less time.

  • Social Media 80%
  • Meetings 72%
  • Email 70%
  • Disorganization 60%
  • Data entry (Copy-pasting) 59%

* During office hours

What we’ll do

1. Let me know your biggest and most brutal time-consuming task(s)

Why start with the small stuff when a bigger dragon should be slain first.

2. Tell me what tools and services you are already using

By making an overview of the tools/services you are working with we can adjust solutions to fit your existing processes. Maybe some will be unfit for the future and must be replaced.

3. Get a grip on the real problem and draw solutions

Mostly the problem you are having is the result of a different problem. A small company I worked spent a lot of time sending email newsletters, but with a very little result. They wanted to save time on producing the newsletter. The real problem here: they only had email addresses of clients/contacts and had no way of making the newsletter relevant.

4. Tools and services selection and advice

I will create a stack of tools and services that fit your need(s), These will be part of your new work processes and will help save time or become way more productive. The connections between the tools and services will be drawn out and explained in an overall advice.

5. Setup, test, implement

The setup of your workflows will be created and tested before implementing them to your accounts.

6. Maintenance and iterations

After the release of your digital clone, it is important to keep things running smoothly. Support, fixes and small changes are part of the deal. Hence, you paid for it.

Maintain & Improve

Running smoothly and iterate
  • Running smoothly
  • Small changes
  • Iterations
  • New workflows
  • Big changes
  • Massages
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