Unfortunately I am unable to find it now, but years ago I read a great blogpost. Written by an anonymous Economic that claimed to like economics like he did his ex-wife. With a lot of old love, fascinating misunderstanding and a pinch of hate. 

As I remember he stated that mankind had created a system that was highly unstable. Why? Because it has to continue to grow in order to perform for all or most of us. Anything besides the universe is unable to do so. This causes the system to grow like a bubble and burst every once in a while. Logical no?

But there is a twist because regulations, laws and powers are involved. The create a loop in which the same people, who proof to be highly incapable on the long term, are entitled to repeat themselves. Over and over again. It might not be the exact same persons, but they are schooled, trained and experienced to keep that loop alive and make the next bubble incapable of bursting.

The generation I feel I am part of is slowly letting go of the concept economy. We are not in a crisis. We are letting go of the things we no longer want and replacing them by things we need. Things we relate to. Things we can enjoy or share with people instead of showing off.

I am fascinated by what will happen in coming years. I hope there will be less restrictive regulations for people that want to do different.

*please add your thoughts and correct me if something is inaccurate, misspelled or just wrong :)



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