Why you should stop working 15 minutes earlier

I am not going to tell you that you should do what I tell you (Although I like the sound of that). Working with a lot of different people and myself I have learned the following.

At the end of my working day I am mostley already thinking about what’s next. Sports, food, meeting friends, a promising date or something exciting on tv (Olympics). My attention becomes weaker and I tend to shove all my stuff into my bag and sprint out of the office. This isn’t very abnormal, right?

When training for the triathlon I noticed that nothing annoys me more then having to search for your clothing or having to train in smelly or dirty clothing. The same goes for material that is not functioning etc. Getting yourself to do the exercise wants you to get started right away and not lose focus on stuff you should have done earlier.  

Reflecting that to working. Quit your workday 15 minutes before you want to leave. Start with cleaning up your desk, get rid of empty cups and glasses, sort that paper mess and remove stains and sticky spots. Check your To-Do list for tomorrow (I like and look at your agenda for a second. 

Whats your micro strategy?

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